Thursday, July 29, 2010

Getting Organized ~ The Pretty Way

I've been thinking it's about time to redo the downstairs bathroom. 

My youngest was notorious for using the wall behind the door for creative expression.  She would sneak in, lock the door and let loose with these little tiny circles and squiggles.  She's  four now and has since figured out that the bathroom is not the right place for artwork (removing the lock helped!), and so I think it might be safe for a new coat of paint, and while we're at it, new fixtures and maybe some bead board? 

For weeks I've been looking at paint samples and tearing pages out of magazines as inspiration.  I've even got a pile of sticky notes and restaurant napkins (you just never know when an idea will strike).  They're everywhere!  It gave me an idea for a little book with lots of place to keep all these little bits of paper where they won't get lost. 
The Project Organizer.
I had quite a few manila folders hanging around (another one of my Dollar Store finds) and created this little book out of just one.  I honestly can't take credit for this ingenious idea...I found it on the Internet a while ago, but unfortunately I can't remember where.  It is a simple idea and for me served a great a pretty way!
Pages 1 & 2 with a double-sided tag
Just about everything that was used for this project came from Scarlet Lime's July Frugal Fab kit.  I've been a happy kit club member with Scarlet Lime for about a year now, and this month they've debuted their Frugal Fab kit...a way to stay on a budget and still get gorgeous products.  Their Frugal Fab kits are a steal with $40.00 worth of products at only $19.95 (plus shipping & handling) for a monthly subscription or $21.95 (plus shipping & handling) for a one-time purchase.  You really can't lose!  Skip on over to Scarlet Lime and sign up for one (or both) of their kit clubs...I promise you'll be over-the-top thrilled with all the new and exclusive goodness they pack into each package every single month!  Tell Christy that I sent you!  ;)
Pages 3 & 4 with another double-sided tag
I even added a calendar for planning out those large projects.
You can purchase one of these Project Organizers at my Etsy shop!  I'm adding new items every day!!  And while you're at it, hop on over to Scarlet Lime and become a member!

Have a great day and remember to laugh at least once!

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