Sunday, September 21, 2014

Autumn Bliss

We've established that I'm not a fan of snow or being cold...ergo winter, but I am looking forward to autumn.  It's by far my favorite time of the year here in Maine.  You're surrounded by deep and comforting colors of the changing leaves, county fairs, warm days, cool nights, and lingering smells of apple cider.  Sweater weather as we like to call it.
Inspired by the challenge photo over at The Shabby Tea Room, I created this card for Reverie Creations.

The image is an old Italian illustration that I came across on the Internet.  I liked the that the pumpkin was white and it fit nicely with my design.
The paper is 7 Gypsies Avignon, and I also used Pink Paislee's Fall clear stamp set...both oldies. 
The buttons are vintage as is the paper that the image is printed on (graph paper from my Bampa's stash- I'm in love with the color it's aged to and the thickness of it)

I've also been working on another project based on autumn for Reverie is a little sneak peek:
Distressed and shabby with vintage goodies and everything else that I love.

Take some time for yourself today,

Friday, September 12, 2014

Let It Snow!?! Trash or Stash? It is 68 degrees. 
My teeth are chattering...AND I'm in a complete outfit (+/-).  It's September.  I was born in Maine so to be wearing only two items of clothing while working (in my second story studio/office/laundry room/sweat box - I felt I should explain) wouldn't be a stretch for this time of year.  Yet, I just counted eight articles of clothing on my body at this very second.  
I'm going to have myself another brownie, and this time it's going to be the biggest one.  It's time to start on the winter chub. ;)

So it would stand to reason with all these clothes on that I'd be thinking of winter....and snow.

I don't want it to snow.  I promise.  Snow is evil  cold  pretty - for all of 5 seconds and then sand and salt get involved.
I dislike snow, and based on precedents alone it should be, at the very least, grey in color. ;)
*I promise there is a point*

I love this image.  I love everything about it...the colors, the story it tells me, cute is that face?!  I used it for a project I was doing last Christmas, so I printed off two sheets in varying sizes.  The first run came out with the snow looking...dirty.  Personally, I loved the distressed tones but it didn't work for the project I was working on at the time.  I needed white... the "pretty" snow all the out-of-Staters refer to.

Now I have a printed sheet of 'ugly ducklings' I trash or stash?
*insert cricket noises here*

"Hi.  My name is Mandee and I'm a paper hoarder...."
I stashed them, of course!  From *ahem* 'ugly ducking' to ...

"Let It Snow"
Inspiration: shivering, a *dislike* of snow, an entire outfit in September!, some one's weakness for paper
Design:  based on Mojo Monday's sketch challenge #362.

I also designed a gift tag set using the smaller version of the 'ugly duckling' along with other little gems from my 'stashes'.

The magic of winter (for longer than 5 seconds) because I refused to trash it couldn't help myself .

Stop by Reverie Creations at Etsy for these new designs.  Get a start on ... snow?
....and while you're up can you get me a blanket?

Have a fantastic weekend,

Friday, September 5, 2014

Inspire Dreams by Reading

Things around here are starting to pick up speed.  Gone are the lazy days of summer filled with sun, surf, ice cream for dinner and flexible bed times.  School has started and so have our daily rituals and routines.  Honestly, I'm more of a "let's see where the day takes us" kind of girl, but as a mother I realize (after a lot of kicking and screaming) that it's just easier with a schedule; especially when one has three girls in school and each doing their own 'thing' before and after.
Mackenzie first day of 3rd grade

My favorite time in the school day routine is reading with my youngest every night.  I have read to each of my girls since before they were born...and then one day out of the blue they decided they would rather read by themselves.  Kenzie still loves to read with me (and having her 1st day of school pics taken), and I cherish every second because it won't be long before she joins her older sisters and retreats to her bedroom to read on her own.

My little family's mutual love of reading inspired this card.

The image is from this week's challenge over at The Shabby Tea Room (week #234 Reading).  It couldn't be any cuter or more perfect!  
And the design came from Mojo Monday's sketch challenge #361.

To keep the focal point on the image,  I used only a small scrap of neutral Colorbok paper and machine stitched the border.  I painted over the image with a fine crackle finish and sprinkled it with a course embossing powder for added texture and interest.
The 'cluster' is made up of a distressed and glittered chipboard heart (PinkPaislee) backed by a bit of rusted screen, an actual vintage book spine, and a vintage button.  The epoxy stickers are by K&Company.

This card can be purchase in my Etsy shop.  Be sure and stop by often...I'm always adding new items.

Inspire dreams by reading.
Have a wonderful day!