Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2013 Holiday

Our 2013 Holiday items will be going live ( ) on Friday, November 1st!! Stop by and browse the new Old Tyme collection and enter to win a special gift. Mark your calendars - NOVEMBER 1st!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Refresh - Restyle

No matter who you are (especially if you live with three girls!), you have a few of these hanging out at the bottom of your bathroom trash can...the neglected and certainly underestimated toilet paper roll.

In the past, I've admitted to having an embarrassing pile of what would seem like paper trash in my studio, and maybe it appeals to the little environmentalist that lives inside my head, but I see a potential for art in everyday household objects such as the toilet paper roll.  Besides, it's a cost effective and plentiful medium....

....that can easily refresh into the cutest little Halloween bat clips!!

Just cut a half circle out of one end of the roll for the ears and stitch across the bottom to create a pocket that can be filled with goodies.  For the wings, I created a template then traced onto designer paper.  They're attached in the back with a mini clothes pin.  That easy and that cheap!

The glassine bags have been stamped or embellished with Washi Tape.
Perfectly simple and can be used as a treat bag clip/guest gift or as holiday decor.  Switch up the wings and you've got yourself a butterfly....

I think I might add a little glitter to the wings!
What little girl wouldn't want a string of these at her birthday party or hanging around her room?
There are so many creative ways to refresh and restyle that little 'ole toilet paper roll, and I bet if you looked around your house (with your head tilted to one side), you'd find other household objects that could indeed be masterpieces.

Find some time for yourself today!