Thursday, September 16, 2010

A happy sister makes for a happy Mandee

Yesterday I mentioned receiving a holiday basket from my friend, Starr, and that I had to emphatically refuse my sister's offer to buy it.  It turns out, she actually wanted to give it to a colleague as a birthday gift.  Well, I couldn't let that opportunity pass, so I made her one this afternoon. 
Side one
It has the same look as the one I made to send Starr with the exception of the butterflies and the crepe paper border.
Side two
I created the tags on each side using the Mariposa line from DCWV.  The colors are so vivid and the added splashes of glitter put it over the top gorgeous!  I cut out the individual butterflies to give it that layered look I love so much.

I used a Martha Stewart border punch on the handle rather than adding a ribbon or seam binding as I did with the first basket.  I thought it created a nice whimsy touch that complimented the feel of the rest of the basket.  Also added the cut wine corks for feet.

Since my sister mentioned that she was giving this as a gift, I also created a matching birthday card.  Got make the rent somehow!  ; )
The inside is stamped "Happy Birthday"and embellished with Prima pearls and flourishes.

I used the same Mariposa paper from DCWV and added a hand cut and glittered frame with buttons tied up in baker's string.  The satin ribbon is a beautiful deep sea blue that just pops against the dark rust-orange of the background.  Not a color combination that I use often, but I think it looks rich.  The flowers are paper and cheesecloth.

My sister was happy, and simply put, so was I.  I was even happier when she paid me for it!  Not gonna lie!  She gets the family discount.  The family discount is her asking me how much and me replying "whatever you think".  I really have a hard time "selling" my pieces to family, but they always treat me well.

Another good day, friends!  I hope you had one too.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Preschool and a surprise

My youngest started preschool this week.  She's only four but has a distinct way of fooling others into believing she's wiser than her years.  Let me explain.  Picture my darling little princess at the hardware store with her father and I.  We walk by the fly swatters, and having never seen one before, she asks what it is.  My explanation is simple:  "It's used for pesky little flys."  "Can I have one?"  "What would you need it for?"  "So that I can whoop some fly ass."
I give my husband all the credit for her colorful vocabulary, but I'll take the credit for the leap she made in it's use.  With that said, it's sometimes hard for me to think of her as only four, but when she's gone for those 3 hours everyday, I miss my baby girl.

So I'm standing down at the bus stop waiting for the pinchkins to get home from school today, and around the corner appears a flash of brown.  My stomach flutters and I get a little giddy.  Could it be?  A package for me? 
I'm only mentioning this for two reasons.  First, we all know that it's a prerequisite that you must be incredibly handsome to be one of the men in brown, and my UPS man is no exception.  I looooooove to see by or stop, it doesn't matter.   The second reason... that gorgeous man stopped.  You heard me...he STOPPED!!!  He had a package

and this is what I received....
...the Thanksgiving basket from my swap friend, Starr at  Isn't it amazing?  I absolutely love the colors she used and all the fantastic embellishments are to die for.  In fact, my sister asked if she could buy it from me.  I said no - emphatically, of course.  I can't wait to use the gorgeous ribbon she sent and the "vintagey" key.  Thank you, Starr!!!
 I had a good day, and I hope yours was as well.  Be sure and stop by my shop for some daydreaming in paper.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Holiday Basket Swap

I was asked to participate in a holiday basket swap by Deb (DKravec) at  My first and certainly not my last!  If you've never done one, then you should make it a priority.  Honestly, it's fun AND you get goodies in return - the best part!  I'm not gonna lie!! 

Here is the Thanksgiving basket that I'll be sending to Starr (Stormydog).
First side
I absolutely love the colors of fall...the deep reds and greens.  I also used some cream to help the vintage images pop a bit.
Side view
I added feet to the bottom of the basket using cut up wine corks.
Second side
I tucked a bit of tulle inside the basket and a few Maine pine cones (hand painted and glittered, of course!).  I'm also going to add few of my handmade items:   a purse-sized embellished notebook and a package of vintage style tags that she can use for any occasion.

I also finished a Christmas basket and this one will be sent to Trisha (TrishaLouise).  I strayed from the usual reds and greens of the holidays and instead went with teal and white.  I love the combination as it reminds me of winter.

First side
This basket has more of a vintage feel.  The flowers were created using torn paper, vintage dictionary pages and cheesecloth.  The center is an old vintage earring.

Second side
The frames for the printed vintage images were hand drawn, cut and glittered.

Side view
Again, I tucked a little tulle inside to give it a more finished look.  I'm going to add a few pine cones, a handmade gift card holder and a package of my vintage tags.

These were so fun to make that I'm tempted to add it to my already overwhelming list of things to make for the holiday season.  Make sure to stop in at Reverie Creations and check out the holiday section for some great gift ideas!

I appreciate the time you've spent with me.
Have a wonderful day.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Vintage sailboats

I've already admitted to having a hard time with masculine cards, but I'm on a roll!  I created this vintage inspired card from a printed image of sailboats.
I used Crate Paper's Prudence Collection for this card, a little twine and a couple of miscellaneous chipboard elements to finish it off.
That was easy.  Sigh, if only I believed that.

Thanks for stopping in!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The hard part

I don't usually have any problems designing a new card.  If I happen to stumble into a rut, there is a plethora of inspiration out there on the Internet and in magazines and on TV...virtually everywhere you look there is an idea screaming to be worked on.   However, when it comes to "guy" cards, I'm at a I think everyone else is since there isn't much for masculine inspiration flitting about. 

I do have a need in my shop for these types of cards, so I began browsing the Internet, reading magazines, watching reruns and awful commercials keeping a keen eye open for any artistic spark; eagerly desperately looking for something that said macho.  Sigh. 

I did manage to find a couple of vintage images, and this is what became of them...
Vintage motorcycles
Vintage airplanes
I thought they turned out perfectly macho, and the first sold before it was even posted!  Which only means that I have to "work" on making another.  Sigh.
This is the (my) hard part.

Have a wonderful day!