Wednesday, July 7, 2010

These are the days....

I don't remember being so fierce and stubborn when I was ten. In fact, I think I was still playing with dolls in our makeshift tree house with my younger sister. Those were the days of innocence and wonder. These days, our children are forced to grow up so much faster. They have to deal with too much in the world outside our safe homes...sometimes I worry just sending them to school.
My oldest, Molly, is by nature loving and considerate, but she has a stubborn streak the size of Texas. I admire that about her though...for the most part. She is learning to take care of herself and to be a leader as opposed to a follower. Traits that I think are necessary for a young girl in this day and age and as a woman. She has become a little bit of a handful these last few months...saying exactly what is on her mind without the usual filter. In fact, she has been known to tell me that I'm mean on many occasions. The first time I heard her say those words, my heart broke, but I soon realized that I'm her mother - not her friend - and she doesn't always have to like me. She's my first 10 year old...I'll experience all this again with my younger girls in a few I'm learning and adapting with every day. I never claimed to be the best mother in the world, but I'm doing the very best that I can to raise strong, confident, loving young ladies.

Another thing I think is important to instill in our children is a sense of humor. Life can get pretty serious and it's okay to take a minute to laugh out loud and at yourself every once in a while. That's one thing about Molly that she's already mastered! She can certainly make me laugh!!
Have a great day everyone!

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