Sunday, November 24, 2013

"Twiz' the Season"

I know, I know...another Christmas post, and we haven't even made it through Thanksgiving, but I really wanted to share this great idea with you.  It's simple, inexpensive and it fits my personal gift criteria...unique and thoughtful.

Before I had my girls, I would spend weekends at the cinema taking in a movie (or two).  There is nothing better than watching a movie on the 'big' screen with a pile of over-priced goodies in your lap!  You can even get nachos!, but I prefer the staples:  popcorn, Jr.Mints and Twizzlers.  

So....when one of my customers (who has become a dear friend) approached me with a gift idea centered around the movies for which she needed a custom tag, I was immediately intrigued and inspired.  

This is how most of my custom orders start...with a photo and an idea.

She found the original idea on Pinterest but wanted to expand on it by purchasing movie gift cards to stick into the tags then tie them onto vintage canning jars full of Twizzlers...a gift for all her movie friends.  She also wanted the tags to read:  "Twiz' the Season".  
How perfect, indeed!

This particular customer is not only a wonderful person, but she allows me free artistic liberty with all of her custom projects, and I love that!

Originally, I thought I'd use standard coin envelopes, but the gift cards fit too snugly inside leaving no room for the tie hole, so I ended up starting from scratch (as they say).  I designed an envelope template to fit my needs and traced it onto double sided paper.  A little more work, but the bonus is I get to choose the paper!

My Minds Eye - Lost & Found 3 Collection

For those of you who know me, you know that I l.o.v.e. texture, and with the paper having a design already on it, I decided that my texture would come from a (painted and glittered) cigar style band wrapped around the envelope.  Another template was born and more tracing and cutting.  So worth it though!

While the bands dried, I delved into incorporating the 'Twiz' the Season' tag line.  My handwriting is fairly legible, but I envisioned the final tag as having a more finished look, so I turned to the computer... 

...and they looked too 'commercial', so I added some red glitter glue.  Nothing says homemade like glitter!  A bit of ink here and there, an added snowflake embellishment and ribbon, more glitter and voila...her idea and my vision realized.

If you're a movie buff as I am, then you'd appreciate receiving this unique and thoughtful gift for the holidays.  Right?!
Similar tags are available at Reverie Creations, and if you make your purchase on November 30th in celebration of Support Small Business Saturday, you'll receive free shipping on your order.

Find some time for yourself today,

Monday, November 11, 2013

It's an Old Tyme holiday

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday.  
For so many reasons.  My world becomes a little more beautiful (with the lights and festive holiday decor every where) and there's a magical sense of peace in the air.  All the everyday worries and hardships seem temporarily suspended in a collective joy that touches the kid in all of us.  

I also LOVE the hunt for that perfect gift for those on my 'nice' list....almost as much as I love creating for the holidays!

This year I decided to go simple in style and created the OLD TYME Collection for Reverie Creations.  It celebrates a time when everyday items found around the home were used to create beautiful and timeless holiday decor.  A style I personally love because of the history behind the vintage items I often use when creating.

Vintage Shabby "JOY" Paper Cones
These sturdy 12" vintage paper cones spell out the word 'Joy' when strung together, but they're also hand stamped with numbers so they can be displayed year round.  Created using lots of vintage:  paper, trims and jewelry.  They'll look lovely displayed with pine and berries OR filled with trinkets and goodies as a gift.

Shabby Chic "Noel" Glass Ball Ornaments
Covered in vintage sheet music (or book paper) with glittered tops, these glass ball ornaments are perfect for tree trimming.  Purchase a few and display in a bowl.

Shabby Vintage Paper Medallion Ornament
And what tree doesn't need a paper medallion ornament?  Do you notice the distressed bottle cap and safety pin?  You'll also find plenty of vintage!

Shabby Vintage Paper 19" Tussie
I love the look of old paper rolled up with goodies tucked inside.  This old time tussie is perfect for gift giving or as a centerpiece to your holiday table.

Vintage Muslin/Burlap Stocking Ornaments
No Christmas would be complete without a stocking.  These were created simply out of coffee stained muslin and an old coffee sack with vintage buttons and trim.  Small enough to hang on your tree but large enough to stuff with little surprises!

Visit Reverie Creations on Etsy for the complete OLD TYME Collection and for so many unique, handmade holiday items as well as gift-giving ideas.  It's never too early to think Christmas!

Have a wonderful day, my friends!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2013 Holiday

Our 2013 Holiday items will be going live ( ) on Friday, November 1st!! Stop by and browse the new Old Tyme collection and enter to win a special gift. Mark your calendars - NOVEMBER 1st!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Refresh - Restyle

No matter who you are (especially if you live with three girls!), you have a few of these hanging out at the bottom of your bathroom trash can...the neglected and certainly underestimated toilet paper roll.

In the past, I've admitted to having an embarrassing pile of what would seem like paper trash in my studio, and maybe it appeals to the little environmentalist that lives inside my head, but I see a potential for art in everyday household objects such as the toilet paper roll.  Besides, it's a cost effective and plentiful medium....

....that can easily refresh into the cutest little Halloween bat clips!!

Just cut a half circle out of one end of the roll for the ears and stitch across the bottom to create a pocket that can be filled with goodies.  For the wings, I created a template then traced onto designer paper.  They're attached in the back with a mini clothes pin.  That easy and that cheap!

The glassine bags have been stamped or embellished with Washi Tape.
Perfectly simple and can be used as a treat bag clip/guest gift or as holiday decor.  Switch up the wings and you've got yourself a butterfly....

I think I might add a little glitter to the wings!
What little girl wouldn't want a string of these at her birthday party or hanging around her room?
There are so many creative ways to refresh and restyle that little 'ole toilet paper roll, and I bet if you looked around your house (with your head tilted to one side), you'd find other household objects that could indeed be masterpieces.

Find some time for yourself today!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Scavenger of Grunge

Image credit:  Pinterest

I prefer using darker tones in my creations...grunge-like shades of really any color, but I gravitate towards the reds, browns and creams.  I also love to use found items...anything with a history.  The more wear - the better.  Besides, instead of having something just sit on a shelf or in a jewelry box because of it's history, up-cycle it into something new and appreciate it in a different way.

You can also utilize every day items found in your home (in your kitchen, home office or junk drawer) during these up-cycle projects rather than spending money on embellishments at your local craft store.
I created this mixed media piece a while back with quite a few things found around the house.

How many every day items can you spot?

There are scraps of vintage sheet music, a wine cork, some old screen, a bottle cap, a tape measure, bits of burlap and lace, vintage buttons, an old key, a shipping tag, seam binding, a piece of leather from an old belt, some wire and a paper doily.

Purchased embellishments are as follows:
Tim Holtz Grunge Chipboard Heart and Plastic Watch Face
Melissa Francis Resin Angel Wings and Door
Melissa Francis  'Party' Journal Card
Prima Bead Sprig and Blossom
K&Company Paper Daisy
Joann's Glitter Leave
Jenni Bowlin 'Hope' Ticket

I'm still trying to figure out whether or not it's something I want to frame.  Any suggestions?

This fun Americana banner was created using scrap denim, bits of vintage lace, string, vintage buttons and book pages....again, things you'd find around your home.

The background of each flag was created using TCW's mini Ledger Template and StazOn ink in Timber Brown.  I added the hand cut card stock star and machine stitched it for texture and interest.
I love that this item could fit nicely in a home with either a Primitive or Shabby decor.
You can purchase this flag banner in our 'New Items' section at Reverie Creations.

So, truth be told...I'm a scavenger of sorts.  You'll find me going through that large box of junk jewelry and buttons at the flea market and buying up all the old hard cover books.  Sometimes the best treasures are the grungy small ones.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a fantastic day!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Silver Linings

It's been a year!!  Where did all those months go????  I'm ashamed with the amount of time I've let slip by between posts, and I hope you've been too busy to notice...or at least enough to relate.  Besides, they say a mark of true friendship is when you can pick up where you left off without skipping a beat no matter how much time has passed.  So, hey there Besties!!  ;)

Where to start???

Without getting into too much of the disheartening details, the girls and I have been riding the ups and downs of the divorce roller-coaster.  Although, it hasn't been easy, we're realizing just how strong a gaggle of girls can be when necessary.   I can now add bleeding a furnace and garbage duty to my list of talents!  Of course, we're not alone in this new adventure...we are surrounded by loving, supportive family and friends and are blessed beyond imagination.

In this year of growth and change, my baby girls haven't gone untouched my chagrin.  I've often wished for them to stay little, but you know how that one goes!

My Molly is officially of teen status and is making all teens everywhere proud.  She's managed to find buttons to push that I wasn't even aware I had, but on the flip side, she makes me laugh every day!!  :)   Isn't she gorgeous?  I'm afraid her father and I are going to have our hands full with the boyfriend thing.  Sigh

Madison is all of 11 and yet remains my Peanut...thankfully!  She's my helper, my peace-maker, and she holds the smile that lights up my world.  I could look at her freckles all day every day, and the best part is...she likes them too!  Could she get any cuter?

Then there's my baby, Mackenzie.  A ball of energy with a penchant for drama and a personality larger than life.  I'm reminded of just how much a child can steal your heart whenever shes around.  She approaches life in a way that seems beyond her 7 years, and I'm amazed by her always.

I thank the Gods for my girls, and if it were up to me, I would tuck each of them into my pocket where they would stay safe and little forever.  A mother's dream, right?!

Somewhere in this past year, I had a little medical scare.  I found a rather large lump on my leg (just above my left knee), and as a result, had to have a myriad of tests to determine whether or not it was cancerous. Let's just say that waiting on the results was the longest 48 hours of my life.  The lump turned out to be benign and will stay put unless it becomes a nuisance.  So, the girls and I have joked about giving it a name.  Any ideas?

Just as the girls and I have been moving onward and upward, so has my shop, Reverie Creations.  It was recently lucky enough to have been featured (for a second time) on The Handmade Movement's blog as a Blast From The Past.  In all honesty, a surprise silver lining during these slow summer months as I've had over 70 new hits and 15 new followers as a result!

The Handmade Movement is a collective of wonderful individuals (usually artists) who randomly choose an Etsy shop to support by visiting and making a purchase on a predetermined date and time.  It's all covert (except to members) and extremely exciting because when they strike only good things happen!   They've accomplished 496 'sneak attacks' on 1323 shops resulting in 8088 sales!!

My relationship with these wonderful people started back in January of 2009 when they featured Reverie Creations  as their next 'sneak attack' (via Blockhead Radio Live).  I had 12 sales in one day as a result of their surprise, but for me it was more about gaining confidence in my craft and moving forward with a renewed sense of determination.  I could never truly articulate how much this random act of kindness did for me (and my shop), so I've joined the movement in hopes of giving another up-and-coming Etsy shop the same sense of accomplishment and success that I was given.  There is no better feeling than paying it forward!

So, although this past year hasn't exactly been a bed of roses, I have plenty to be thankful for, and I'll continue to look for those surprise silver linings.

Have a wonderful day, my friends.  Until next time...and it won't be another year, I promise!