Thursday, March 26, 2009

Motivation: NOT Spring Cleaning

I cleaned and changed my office around yesterday. I use the term "my office" selfishly because I actually share it with my youngest daughter and all her toys. My motivation had absolutely nothing to do with spring. I'm actually proud to say that I'm not domestically anal about welcoming spring in with a back-breaking, finger-bleeding scrub of each and every room of my home. I was looking for some inspiration.

Who doesn't need a change of scenery now and then? If I moved my desk, then I'd be staring at a different wall and maybe I'd find some creativity. I'm not familiar with Feng Shui and the proper placement of this or that, but let me just say this....if facing this new wall doesn't work out then I'll be reading up on a little Feng Shui!

The other wall...

Mr. Tiggs got bored watching me...

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