Friday, June 10, 2011

Best Friends

I had a best friend growing up.  We spent every minute together and when we weren't together we were talking on the phone.  
I miss her.
We don't see each other very often these days because she moved away ~ those damn grown up responsibilities, but no matter how much time has passed, when we do talk, it's girl secrets just as before (and kids, husbands, cellulite...).
My BFF is an inspiration for quite a few of my creations like this journal; a convenient place to jot down all the secrets you would tell her if you could.
I've also created cards with her in mind.
Our friendship will last forever, and it's one I cherish every single day.

My girls are at that point in their lives where they're forming their own friendships.  Maybe even a best friend.  I want that for them.
Mackenzie and her BFF, Haley
Madison and her BFFs, Kaylynn and Emma
Molly and her BFF, Vanessa
Here's to you and your best friend!

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