Monday, March 16, 2009


Happy Birthday, my *clears throat* sweet Kenzie!

Yesterday was my sweet baby girl's 3rd birthday. It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that she's already three, but then she opens her mouth and calls you "chick" and you remember that she's wise beyond her years. Of course, I have to give her two older sisters the credit for that one...thanks, girls!

All was going well. We had Kenzie's favorites (salsa, sour cream, nacho chips and of course birthday cake) all set out and ready to go. Family begins to arrive and Kenzie is looking all confused. She asks, "When are we leaving?".

"Where are we going?", and her reply is a bit impatient. "Swimming!"
Let me just say that swimming in March (in Maine) is reserved for those lunatics who haven't taken their meds. We're closer to the sane end of the scale as far as families go. Besides, snow on the ground should be clue enough for anyone (even with barely an IQ) that swimming is out of the norm and could be grounds for a nice white coat.

"Why do you think we're going swimming?" "Because I want to!" "Well, I'm sorry. We're not going swimming, honey. Everyone is here for your birthday party. Don't you want to eat some cake and open some presents?" A logical question...or so I thought.

She open presents. Thank you's to everyone. Paper in the little garbage bag. No requests for more gifts. I think to myself, "Maybe she's had some kind of epiphany? She IS three now. Maybe she's learned that good manners and listening will get you further than the complete meltdown."
Who am I kidding? I know, only myself. I'm a dreamer and a hopeless optimist.
Anyway, she had one last gift from her Dad and I to open...a brand new bike. We led her around the corner to my office where it sat nice and shiny, and when she saw it, the expression on her face was priceless. It was all I could do not to cry. We all clapped and hollered. She was proud and wanted to ride it immediately. I reminded her of the snow outside...


I dropped my head in shame and embarrassment. I'm supposed to be this wonderful stay-at-home Mom who spends hours teaching her child the rights and wrongs of the world. My family was laughing...isn't she cute? Not so funny, just fuel for the meltdown! So, my husband, sensing my defeat, took it upon himself to calm Miss Kenzie and talk her into putting on her new helmet and pads so she could ride her new bike all over the house. She calmed down...liking the idea. We got her helmet fitted just so, got all her pads on...elbows and knees, and then I get this precious little look:She's not liking all the extra equipment. And I shouldn't be surprised...she is a free spirit...or should I say chick?

Just so your not feeling pity for me (though pity is good once in a while), I want to mention that once all the chaos of family and friends left, Kenzie was perfect. She spent a good part of the remaining afternoon playing with all her new goodies. She even gave me a hug out of the blue. My heart melted and that's when I had my own epiphany...that's why they come to you as babies. They're so little, precious, smell good, and innocent...sweet memories ingrained in your you can handle those immenent three year old meltdowns later on when they're not so cute and innocent. LOL!
Needless to say, if I were a drinker, I'd have been completely snookered by 5:00 - the party ended at 4:00!

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