Monday, March 23, 2009

Creativity - Out to Lunch!

It seems I've done lost my "mojo"!
I'm not sure where it went or why it left, but I haven't been able to make a card or create a layout to save my life as of late. I'm teetering on a huge frustration cliff, and I'm desperately trying to come up with something - anything to save my sanity! It's killing me that I might be tapped out in the ideas department.
This past weekend I went to Craft Mania in a meager attempt to find THE SPARK. I left with no more of a creative spark than when I first stepped foot in the door...only $45.00 dollars shorter in the wallet. Crazy fool that I am purchased a couple of stamps and some paper packs for my lack of creativity.
So, I thought I'd head on over to the bookstore and browse through the arts and crafts section. Found ONE book on scrap booking and it wasn't really all that interesting. Over to the magazines, I can at least pick-up the latest editions of Craft' n Things and Paper Crafts. Nowhere to be found. Either they were sold out or they don't carry them. I stood in line to ask, but I could feel myself moving closer and closer to the edge of my frustration cliff. The woman in front of me was certainly testing the knowledge and patience of the sales clerk (who was a saint in my eyes). She was looking for a specific book, but she wasn't sure what the title was exactly. Huh?
THIS IS WHY I AM NOT IN RETAIL. I'm afraid I would have most certainly flung myself over the proverbial cliff and taken that confused woman with me....laughing hysterically the entire way down!
All this and my "mojo" is still AWOL. What to do next?

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