Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My idea of relaxing and someone else's may not be the same, but I can always count on something creative coming from my play-time.  Whenever I have nothing to do (or rather don't feel like doing anything that resembles responsibility), you'll find me spending time with my girls going to the beach or shopping (we're girls...we LOVE to shop!). But, on the rare occasion that they're not around you can find me in my studio.

It just so happens that one of those opportunities presented itself just the other day.  The girls had a pajama party with their Ammy, and I spent a few wonderful relaxing hours listening to music and creating an ATC inspired wall hanging based on a couple of quotes that I find inspiring (I took creative liberty stringing these quotes together).

"She had dreams that time forgot.  Still she sings away all the same knowing she has wings.  Remembering there are moments when the soul is on it's knees." 

Each section is roughly 3"x3.75" card stock.  Leftover pieces from a previous project.  What I love about this is the fact that I used only my scraps stash.  I've been turning to those bins and baskets as much as possible lately because they're taking over!

I strung each card together using 20g. black wire, and I intend to hang it from a black metal rod once I find one that is just the right size.
It will look perfect hanging here in my studio providing inspiration every time I look at it.

Thank you for taking some time to visit.

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