Saturday, June 11, 2011

I LOVE this and dad too!!

Have you ever tried a product that just made you giddy with happiness?  How did I not know about this years ago?  I promise I'm not living under a rock, and I know that Maine is waaaaay out of the way, but I only found out about Cream City Ribbon just a short time ago, and...
I'm in love. 
Not only is Cream City Ribbon Eco-friendly (it uses USA grown biodegradable cotton fiber, water based dyes free of chlorine bleaches and soy based, non-toxic inks), but it's woman owned!  How wonderful is that?
You know what else is wonderful?  All the ways you can use this fabulous ribbon!  Since it's cotton fiber, you can curl it, fold it, tie it, shred it, and print on it. It comes is all sorts of different colors and styles, and I'm on my way to collecting them all!

Since Father's Day is around the corner, I created this card using Cream City Ribbon.
I shredded it (so easy and not one uneven piece!) and then threaded it through an alpha tag.
I then took the edge of my scissors and pulled the ribbon shreds along my thumb to get a nice curl.  It never's tough stuff.
I also tied a small piece to my glittered chipboard alpha...again, it didn't break.
Perfect in my book!
It adds dimension to my card while staying masculine.

If I had a mountain tall enough and close enough, I'd shout it from the top how much I love Cream City Ribbon.  The product is "environmentally friendly and the only American made ribbon on the market" ~ by a woman!  Sweet!!

In the spirit of Father's Day (and because I honestly don't say it enough), I'd like to shout from that same mountain how much I love my Dad.
He's always been there whenever I've needed support or a kick in the pants.  I appreciate him more than words could ever express, and I'm thankful he chose to parent my sister and I.  I know I'm a better human being, mother, friend, sister and daughter because of his guidance and love.  Thank you, Dad.
I love Cream City Ribbon and I love my Dad (though I do love my Dad more)!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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