Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Busy as a bee in spring

My favorite time of the year is summer, but it's so short-lived here in Maine that you have to have a back-up, and for me that is spring. 
The flowers and trees are starting to bloom and bud, the birds are back singing their songs, and the peepers are croaking till all hours of the night.  I love the smells that come with spring as well...the best being freshly cut grass.  I don't even mind the wafting smell of chicken poo coming from the farm fields around the corner as they prepare for planting.  It all reminds me that summer is just around the bend.

While mother earth readies herself anew, I'm running around like a crazy woman.  School is winding down to its final days, and I'm trying to finish up as much as I can before I'm inundated with children all day long during the summer break.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love all the hustle and bustle that comes with having 5 kids (sometimes up to 8 when the neighborhood kids stop by) around the house, but it doesn't leave much time for the normalcy of work and running errands.

Spring is also a time for catching my nephew's evening baseball games.  Kade plays for a local team, and I so enjoy watching him.
The entire family shows up to support Kade and his team.
June evenings in Maine are sometimes chilly...
There is nothing better to me than spending time outdoors with family and friends, and those of us who live in Maine know enough to take advantage of every single opportunity since the season is over in a blink.

But as much as I prefer to be outside on these beautiful days, I have to remember that I have responsibilities (both to my family and to my customers).   Over the last few weeks, I've managed to spring clean each of my daughter's bedrooms as well as the basement, and I've been busy creating new items for my Etsy shop.

I often purchase supplies from other Etsy members as a way to give back, and I was recently inspired by the packaging of some crinkle seam binding I purchased from BeeCreative2.  It arrived wrapped around a card stock dress form.  The dress form reminded me of warm weather and spring which led to this:

and this:
I actually used the original dress form from
BeeCreative2 on this card
I love how pretty they turned out.

Most of the supplies are from my scrap stash, so I can't tell you exactly what was used, but I did delve into my new petite paper pack from Webster Pages ~ Ladies & Gents and Trendsetter.
I hope you're enjoying your spring and spending this precious time outside with your family.
Have a wonderful day!

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