Friday, January 8, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Failure

So, you're lucky this week...two posts! I'm just trying to get caught up with all the things I want to say, and I'm delusional about the number of perfect strangers who might be interested in anything I might have to write about. Remember, I take medication. : )

With the new year upon us, I wanted to make a list of some of my favorite pages created last year, but my husband moved all of our files from one drive to a removable hard drive. This was so nobody could steal any of our data through the wireless network. I know, HE should be taking the medication. Seriously though, network security is what he does for a living, so what was I supposed to do? I did manage to ask why someone would want to steal any of our family photos or pictures of my scrap booking projects. He just looked at me. I knew at that very moment #1. the removable hard drive was on sale at Best Buy; a deal he couldn't possibly pass up AND #2. that I should have just kept my mouth shut. In any case, here are a few of the pages that I managed to find.

"Summer Together" - My daughters and two nephews a few summers ago...back when they got along!
"Soft Touch"- My three year old with the look that wraps her father and gets her the car on Friday nights.
"Goofy 101" - My husband and two oldest making faces at me during what was supposed to be a serious photo op.
"Mud Models" - My oldest Molly and some of her friends during her b-day party playing in the mud they created with the hose on the front lawn. Note: my husband was not at all impressed with the fact that I let them get this dirty or that I let them make a mud pit on the lawn.
"I Don't Know" - My youngest and a mess of buttons that miraculously appeared without her help in my office. I've since had the room exorcised of it's invisible imp.
"Some Kind of Wonderful" - My darling husband. He really is something special.
"Shoes Optional" - This is a picture of my two youngest and my nephew having an impromptu picnic on the front lawn (if you consider oreos, chips, and candy a picnic).
Along with proving to you that I did do something last year, I also took some time to make some new years resolutions. If you know me, then you know that making resolutions (for me) is so beyond futile that it borders on pathetic, but I really am going to try this time. I am, really. : )
#1. I am going to write in this blog at least once a week, so be forewarned.
#2. I am going to cut down on the amount of times I say "yes" in a day. I don't know about anyone else, but I find myself doing way too much and it's all because of my lacking the word "no" in my vocabulary.
#3. I am going to make sure to hug my girls every single day. I tell them that I love them, but sometimes you need to feel the love!
#4. I am going to eat better, quit smoking, lose forty pounds and fit into that bikini before the start of summer.
Hey, this post is called Cloudy with a Chance of Failure...three out of four ain't bad!

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