Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome Wonderful!

Happy belated New Years!! I hope everyone had a nice holiday break with family and friends. I know I did, but aren't we really just supposed to say that so we're not cast out like lepers? Anywho, I do have to complain a little bit because things weren't the same for my family this year, and it's obvious that it never will be again. As you already know (if you read this blog and I've paid you enough to pay attention), I lost my Bampa very suddenly this past year.

Nana and Bampa~Christmas 2004

It was obviously heart wrenching in every sense but, what really knocked me on my ass, was how quickly our family fell apart. He was the reason we were all so close; spending every holiday together making up traditions that I thought would be carried on well into the years beyond my passing. This was the first year since I was a child that our entire family (cousins, second cousins, great grandchildren, aunts, uncles, exes and their new wives, girlfriends, boyfriends and their buddies - frankly, we would take anyone in) didn't get together during Christmas. We split up into our respective little family units and did our own thing.

I'm complaining because I don't remember that meeting where all this was decided. Where was I? Who agreed to let this family fall apart without a fight? And what about Nana? Well, okay she can't remember she has feet let alone who we are and whether or not she wants to spend time with us, but I was sort of disappointed. I couldn't watch Uncle Paul fall asleep on the couch with his mouth open and coax the little ones to throw small toys at him. I couldn't get pissed at a certain cousin and his wife who conveniently show up just as dinner is being served and leave while the dishes are being done. Was I the only one who enjoyed seeing everyone's stiff new outfits? Bampa's gone and so are our entire family get-togethers. I'm sure we'll still try and get together during the summer for our annual lobster feed, but how many summers will it take before that stops happening too? Then we'll have to resort to those annoying 7 page holiday news letters that come with the generic Christmas card and twenty stamps on the envelope for postage. I guess it was inevitable when you think about Bampa and what he meant to this family, and I still believe that this family is blessed beyond words. I'm just going to miss counting Uncle Paul's cavities!

"I would rather have 30 minutes of "wonderful" than a lifetime of nothing special" ~ Julia Roberts

I'm forever an optimist (well, I take medication to be an optimist) and with any new year comes promises of change and a better outlook on things to come. So, this year being no exception, I'm going to welcome wonderful with open arms and duct tape it in the basement!

Remember to laugh at least once today!

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