Saturday, January 9, 2010

Drama=Awful Mommy Moment

I have three daughters (I heard that sigh), and my oldest is just about ten years old. She is the kind of person that I sometimes wish I could be. She thrives on being around lots of people and has made quite a few friends. She plays Euphonium in the school band (yup, there is such an instrument and it's big enough that I have to pick it up at school every Friday afternoon and drop it back off on Monday morning), she's in drama, student council, chorus, and she's a Brownie in Girl Scouts. All this because she wants to be doing something interesting all the time. She has probably spent the night at friend's houses more in the four years she's been in school than I did my entire childhood. I've also had those same girls sleeping here many weekends making the female to male ratio even steeper for my poor husband. I do all of this for her because I'd be happy with just the five of us home every single weekend playing games or watching movies. I do it so I don't have to listen to her say "I'm bored" nine thousand times a minute, and because I love her.

The point to all this? With a social daughter comes drama. Lots and lots of drama. I'm sure with any daughter, drama eventually follows them home, but with mine, it's arrived a bit sooner than I was expecting. And quite frankly, I don't have time for it. I've been there - done that. However, I realize that it's my duty as a Mom to help her deal with all this the best way she can. Over the last few years, I've told her that all this shall pass, you'll all be friends again by next week, the truth will come out, when you think about it, is it all that important?, if she said that or did that then maybe she isn't really your friend, I understand it's frustrating and upsetting but everything will work out. All the infamous lines I heard from my mom. So far, I've been right and the love returned.

Today, I had an awful Mommy moment. My daughter got into the van and started in on how this friend told that friend that she was lying about something and none of it was true...all the while crying uncontrollably. Instead of the usual pep talk, I told my daughter to just kick her ass in the morning when she got to school. I don't know if it was because I didn't sleep well the night before or if I'd already had my drama fill, but my daughter stopped crying, looked at me with eyes wide and started laughing. Now I know that kicking her friend's ass isn't the appropriate lesson to be teaching my ten year old, and I only said it because I know my daughter. She would never resort to violence to solve anything that didn't involve her sisters because I guess there is some kind of rule out there that says you can hit your sisters any time you want to. My baby is a lover of people...not a fighter. We might be revisiting this topic from another angle in the future. I heard that sigh....wait a minute, it was mine. Drama be gone!

Changing the subject to something more lovely and positive. Valentine's Day. I know it's over a month away, but when you have an Etsy store like I do (hint hint), you have to be ahead of the game, so I've started making Valentine's Day cards. I love the vintage nostalgic look and so I made this card to reflect that. I used a vintage printed image, some DCWV paper, Prima crystal flourishes and one of their Trellis roses, a vintage button from my Nana's stash, a bit of lace I had lying around and some Kaiser pearls. The vintage looking ticket was downloaded over at The 80s Me blog and stamped with a clear stamp I had from years ago. I actually love the way it turned out and that's saying something because I'm my own worst critic. I've done a few other cards, but I'll share them on another day.

Thanks for spending some time with me and have a wonderful day!



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