Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another change...

I've gone and rearranged my scrapping space again!! It wasn't because I was upset or stressed which is when I usually do it. I just wanted to be able to look out the windows rather than looking at the wall, so I spent the day changing everything around. I think I'll be much happier listening to the birds and feeling the fresh air now that I'm right between both front windows.

You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to reorganize it. I still do not have enough storage space even with a huge armoire, a bookcase, and an old yellow cupboard. My husband just looks around and shakes his head....if he only knew!
As you can see, Mr. Tiggs is in his usual spot...right in my way. I tend to let him be because I feel bad for him. My three year old is infatuated with the fact that she can pick him up, so he tries to find places where she's likely to leave him alone. My desk being the favorite spot. As long as he doesn't spill my coffee, I'm okay with him there...though he's grown so much this past year that he takes up much more space than he used to.
He used to curl up in a ball on the printer tray.
This is the view from my desk - looking towards the kitchen at the old yellow cupboard and the love seat. I have to admit that the love seat isn't all that comfortable, but the girls love to sit there and read or color while I'm scrapping. It's nice having them near.
The room isn't all that large, and with all the necessary storage it makes it look smaller. What are ya gonna do?
Thanks for taking a peek at the place I spend the most time. Have a great day!

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