Monday, January 30, 2012

...A Tussy Mussy What?...

The first time I'd ever heard of a tussy mussy was quite a few years ago during the planning of my wedding.  I thought the name silly but didn't give it much thought again till a few years ago while looking for creative inspiration on line.  Now-a-days, you can find them everywhere, and they've certainly changed from the once tiny bouquets of flowers and herbs of years past to spectacular pieces of art and craftsmanship of today.
Tussy mussies were also referred to as nosegays during their inception in the English Georgian period (AKA the age of Aristocracy).  A time when pestilence was rampant and personal hygiene was lax.  Elegant ladies would carry around these small bouquets of fragrant flowers to fend off noxious odors, and gentlemen would pin smaller versions to their lapels.
Tussy mussies remained popular through the Victorian age where they were given to young ladies by  suitors.
They were arranged with a central flower surrounded by flowers of contrasting colors and held in an ornate cone-shaped holder (usually silver).  Each flower represented a feeling or emotion, and the lady would then look up their meaning in a Tussy dictionary.

Although the styles have since changed from the once popular silver to a variety mediums (such as paper and plastic) for the cone-shaped holders, they are still popular for bridesmaids' bouquets today.  And because we are a creative bunch, you can now find tussies in all shapes and sizes for any occasion.
A Valentine's day tussy.
A French shabby tussy with a sweet little cameo for any occasion.
Vintage shabby tussies.
May day tussies created with wallpaper.
Tussies fashioned from vintage sheet music for the holidays.
And a sweet little angel tussy...just because.
Flowers still look beautiful in a tussy mussy, but they can also hold a variety of little treats such as chocolates, hard candies, small gifts, greenery, tickets to the opera...the uses are endless, and what unique packaging!

You can find a variety of tussy mussies in my Etsy shop, so stop by and take a peak.

Thanks for spending some time.  I'll be posting January's tag over the next few days and showcasing challenge #3 of 52.
Happy crafting!

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