Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scraps Stash Makes It's Debute

I'm not sure how you store your scraps, but mine have literally taken over my office. I started off organizing the bits of paper left over from other projects into plastic containers organized by color, the ribbon pieces went into a large recycled cookie jar on my desk, and the vintage images that I printed out and never used got tossed into a desk drawer hoping to one day make it onto a card. I'm addicted to anything paper or crafting related, so if there is even a strip left over then you can bet that I'm keeping it! There is no way it's going to find it's way into the trash! I always talk myself into thinking that I'll need it someday. Maybe I'm a crafting hoarder? With that said, I've run out of space. The paper containers no longer close all the way and the ribbon jar has multiplied to three. Something had to be done. So the other day, I sat down and forced myself NOT to reach for the crisp full sheets of paper or the long lengths of ribbon waiting beautifully on their spools. I'll admit to dreading the thought of sifting through all that paper just to find the right print or digging into an overstuffed jar of ribbon for the right color only to find it's too short. This time I took a deep breath, gathered all my scrap supplies and went to work. It was going to be a Thank You card set since I already had the sentiments stamped out that weren't used on a previous project. I have to say that I felt liberated and a bit more creative than usual. It can be quite a task to create when using only what's left over in your stash. All the old bits of this and that. I even used the glittered pins I made quite a while back but wasn't really sure I liked. I thought they fit nicely with this set.
A completed card set. Created using only what came out of the cookie jars, the plastic containers or the overflowing desk drawer. Not a "new" item anywhere, and yet they look as if I used what was just purchased on my latest shopping trip to Michaels. These can be purchased in my Etsy shop ,and I'm proud to say that they came from my stash of scraps.
The cookie jar is still spilling over with ribbon bits and the plastic containers still don't close all the way, but I have a new found respect and insight into what all those bits and pieces can be now.
What have you done with your left-over stash?
Have a wonderful day!

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