Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recycled Vintage 1925 Book

I have a new item to share that will be posted in my Etsy shop. It's a Travel Journal/Memory Album that was created out of a vintage 1925 book ~ The Ideal Fitter by American Radiator Company. I received quite a few of these types of books from my Grandfather when he passed as he was a retired Mechanical Engineer. A lot fun to create but a little scary at the same time as I was cutting into a vintage reference book. Though after some thought, I figured most of the information was a bit outdated. This is a picture of the finished album standing upright. You can see that I left the cover as is since I loved the red of the cover and the gold foiled lettering. It measures approximately 4" x 6 3/4" overall. It is held together with two "o" rings (or jump rings) so that you can add to it with your own keepsakes.
The inside front cover and first divider page. There are a total of five divider pages inside and each one is created using recycled cardboard, designer paper, and vintage printed images, tags and other little embellishments. You could use this first tag as a place to record your name and travel destination.

Here is the back of the first divider page and the first of 10 vintage graph paper (this supply also came from my Grandfather). It covers pages from within the actual book.

The front of the second divider page. A great little place to store ticket stubs or pamphlets from your trip.

The back side of the second divider page has a printed vintage images of old luggage tags and a train stub. You'll also notice the first of two envelopes crafted out of a vintage American Heritage Magazine for storing some more of your travel memorabilia. The envelopes measure approximately 3 5/8" x 5 1/8".

Here is a little insert just for fun. It's a tea stained shipping tag with a vintage 1930s Bingo card and an old printed photo of a man on a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The backside of the insert has a little place for notes. The third divider page has some more vintage printed images and gaffer that stuff!

The backside of the third divider page has a pocket and a couple of double sided tags.

The fourth divider page with an old Toronto luggage stub and torn burlap.

On the reverse side is some more printed vintage travel posters and stamps along with another American Heritage magazine envelope.
I hated to cut into this 1925 book without using every single part of it, so I used the cover spine as a bookmark.
The last and fifth divider page has some printed vintage stamps and more of that gaffer tape I love so much.
On the flip side you'll find another pocket and a double sided shipping tag. The entire journal has more than 50 pages for journaling or drawing on your trip...20 pages of lined paper, 25 pages of drawing paper and 10 pages of the vintage graph paper (over actual book pages).

As you can see, this Travel journal/album is packed full of vintage items and is ready to use on your next trip. It's listed for sale in my Etsy shop now.
Thanks for spending some time with me, and I hope you stop back by soon as I plan on creating a lot more of these recycle albums out of my Grandfather's old reference books.

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