Tuesday, November 1, 2011

...Newsprint destiny...

Progression is a natural occurrence in every aspect of our lives.  From how we communicate to how we live to the way we age.  We don't have to like everything about it, but we do have to bend and sway with the changes or we'll wind up like the infamous cat lady...living out of touch with reality and depending on the obsolete for our day-to day decisions.

Take for example, newsprint.  It used to be that young boys would run up and down the streets screaming the headlines to peddle the daily newspaper, then progression took over and today newsprint is practically non-existence.  With downloads and online news blogs, you can educate yourself with what's going on in your backyard and across the world just by turning on your phone. 

Honestly, I'm sad.  I love newsprint...any type of paper, really.  Book stores are closing at every turn and magazine subscriptions are becoming so expensive that those with less of a disposable income (because of the economy) are opting to sacrifice the tradition of the Sunday morning 'read'.  I admit I've canceled my tangible news and interest/hobby articles for the on-line versions...the expense is far easier to manage, and the impact to my coffee table is less intrusive.

With that said, there are those of us who mourn the dwindling supply of newsprint (paper in general), and are trying with a sense of urgency to pay homage and preserve it by utilizing/recycling it in every imaginable way...

 from home and holiday decor...

Paper mache bird

Newsprint holiday trees
Newsprint decoupaged pumpkins
to gift wrapping...

Newsprint goodie bags

Newsprint wrapping paper with stamped tags
to crafting...
Newsprint used as a transfer

Newsprint roses

to canvas' for any form of medium...

Newsprint used as a canvas
Newsprint prints
to attire...

Newsprint dress

Newsprint purse

I could go on and on with examples of how versatile newsprint is to the crafting/artistic world, but the point is mute because progression has taken hold and isn't letting go.  The day is fast approaching when we will be virtually paperless, and I don't know about you, but I don't like it.  

Recycle that precious newsprint into something to cherish.  It might be worth money some day. :)

**Please note:  all photos are from Pinterest**

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