Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Let's not forget...

With the holidays fast approaching, we sometimes get busy and forget those men and women fighting overseas: keeping us all safe. Some of them have been away from their families for months. I know I do my best to say a prayer every night for success in their missions and their safe return home. My husband is a retired Navy veteran (having served on many missions), and I'm extremely thankful that he's home safe these days. Though I don't have to worry about him anymore, I still feel for those who have family fighting in these countries that don't appreciate what they're doing for them.

I'm a member of the Etsy Paper Street Team and we're sending a care package to a Marine troop serving in Afghanistan. We're all using our creative energy to make Thank You cards in order to let them know that they're being thought of and appreciated. It doesn't seem like much, but I do know that they look forward to anything they get from home. It keeps morale up and helps them stay focused.

These are two of the cards that I've sent along.

If you feel like you'd like to contribute to a care package being sent overseas, contact your local VFW. They're always sending packages full of little necessities, goodies and cards of well wishes. They'll take anything you can give...toothpaste, deodorant, candy, combs, shampoo, puzzles...even a donation would be appreciated. Let's not forget that some of these men and women won't be home for the holidays because they're fighting to keep our freedoms.

Have a great day!

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