Thursday, August 15, 2013

Silver Linings

It's been a year!!  Where did all those months go????  I'm ashamed with the amount of time I've let slip by between posts, and I hope you've been too busy to notice...or at least enough to relate.  Besides, they say a mark of true friendship is when you can pick up where you left off without skipping a beat no matter how much time has passed.  So, hey there Besties!!  ;)

Where to start???

Without getting into too much of the disheartening details, the girls and I have been riding the ups and downs of the divorce roller-coaster.  Although, it hasn't been easy, we're realizing just how strong a gaggle of girls can be when necessary.   I can now add bleeding a furnace and garbage duty to my list of talents!  Of course, we're not alone in this new adventure...we are surrounded by loving, supportive family and friends and are blessed beyond imagination.

In this year of growth and change, my baby girls haven't gone untouched my chagrin.  I've often wished for them to stay little, but you know how that one goes!

My Molly is officially of teen status and is making all teens everywhere proud.  She's managed to find buttons to push that I wasn't even aware I had, but on the flip side, she makes me laugh every day!!  :)   Isn't she gorgeous?  I'm afraid her father and I are going to have our hands full with the boyfriend thing.  Sigh

Madison is all of 11 and yet remains my Peanut...thankfully!  She's my helper, my peace-maker, and she holds the smile that lights up my world.  I could look at her freckles all day every day, and the best part is...she likes them too!  Could she get any cuter?

Then there's my baby, Mackenzie.  A ball of energy with a penchant for drama and a personality larger than life.  I'm reminded of just how much a child can steal your heart whenever shes around.  She approaches life in a way that seems beyond her 7 years, and I'm amazed by her always.

I thank the Gods for my girls, and if it were up to me, I would tuck each of them into my pocket where they would stay safe and little forever.  A mother's dream, right?!

Somewhere in this past year, I had a little medical scare.  I found a rather large lump on my leg (just above my left knee), and as a result, had to have a myriad of tests to determine whether or not it was cancerous. Let's just say that waiting on the results was the longest 48 hours of my life.  The lump turned out to be benign and will stay put unless it becomes a nuisance.  So, the girls and I have joked about giving it a name.  Any ideas?

Just as the girls and I have been moving onward and upward, so has my shop, Reverie Creations.  It was recently lucky enough to have been featured (for a second time) on The Handmade Movement's blog as a Blast From The Past.  In all honesty, a surprise silver lining during these slow summer months as I've had over 70 new hits and 15 new followers as a result!

The Handmade Movement is a collective of wonderful individuals (usually artists) who randomly choose an Etsy shop to support by visiting and making a purchase on a predetermined date and time.  It's all covert (except to members) and extremely exciting because when they strike only good things happen!   They've accomplished 496 'sneak attacks' on 1323 shops resulting in 8088 sales!!

My relationship with these wonderful people started back in January of 2009 when they featured Reverie Creations  as their next 'sneak attack' (via Blockhead Radio Live).  I had 12 sales in one day as a result of their surprise, but for me it was more about gaining confidence in my craft and moving forward with a renewed sense of determination.  I could never truly articulate how much this random act of kindness did for me (and my shop), so I've joined the movement in hopes of giving another up-and-coming Etsy shop the same sense of accomplishment and success that I was given.  There is no better feeling than paying it forward!

So, although this past year hasn't exactly been a bed of roses, I have plenty to be thankful for, and I'll continue to look for those surprise silver linings.

Have a wonderful day, my friends.  Until next time...and it won't be another year, I promise!


  1. Your girls are beautiful! Hope your year ahead is easier for all of you! Thanks for mentioning The Handmade Movement and happy you joined us!

    Captain of The Handmade Movement Team on Etsy

  2. Youre amazing. Snd, im proud of you and what youve accomplishef as to also the beauty youve brought into and to the world through your art snd your soul.
    im so proud, so very very proud to call you my friend.
    I love you.


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