Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Hard Lesson Learned

Everything was spiraling out of control...out of MY control anyway. I know it's been said a hundred thousand times before, but there are never enough hours in a day to complete all that NEEDS to get done. We won't even discuss the WANTS. The shitty part of it all is the things that I enjoy get put on the back burner...a sacrifice I willingly make because we're talking about my family, but I don't necessarily have to like it all the time.

My blog has gone neglected, my scrapping supplies have gathered dust and my laundry pile is so huge that I might have to file a flight plan just to get to the top of it. I love the first two and they tend to go by the wayside whenever life overwhelms. The third - laundry - I absolutely HATE doing, so it's always last on my list anyway. My children have to complain about not having underwear before I trudge down those steps to the "bitches" in the basement. A term of *ahem* endearment for my washer and dryer. They're beeping reminders force a personality change in a normally sane and delightful person. I hate them so!!

You say "out of control"? Well, let's see, my youngest was hospitalized with pneumonia for a week, I was then the lucky winner to host the pneumonia virus for over a week, my oldest turned nine in there somewhere and so a party had to be planned and executed, my middle daughter fell off her bike and nearly lost her two front teeth and a pinky toe, my husband was sent to Alabama for four days on business, I had to continue to watch my two nephews before and after school, meals for the kids (people tend to look down on not feeding your children), Girl Scouts and swimming lessons....oh, I could go on. The point is, I'm one person with lungs full of yellow sputum trying to survive. And I did!!!

My life is back to normal - well, except for the laundry. Now I'm just scared of it. I finally have time to just sit down. Don't get me wrong there are still dishes in the sink that need to be done, and dust you can actually play tic-tac-toe in, but I'm okay with that. I've learned that what is important is to enjoy each and every day as if tomorrow might not arrive. Prioritize. It will all fall into place eventually.

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