Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where does all the time go?

Again, sorry for the long time between posts. It's crazy as hell around my house this time of year. We're getting back into school routines (Girls Scout meetings, band practices, teacher conferences, and student council meetings). All the extra curricular activities makes for long days and shorter nights. I know that when I'm on the go all day long, it takes me a while to wind down enough in order to sleep.
I've been able to keep up with my crafting none-the-less. Whenever there is a spare minute, I'm in my office working those creative juices in order to get ready for my first craft fair on December 5th. I'm still nervous about it. Will I have enough things? Will they sell? What will my table look like compared to everyone else? Will I fit in? Normal new kid on the block jitters, I'm sure.
Here is a little sampling of what I've done as of late.

These are thank you card using scraps. In my opinion, you can never say "Thank You" enough. I'm thinking I might make these into a card set by making a few more and putting them into a handmade box. I can see it all tied up with a pretty ribbon.

This card came out just as I imagined. That's unusual for me. I used a vintage image from the internet printed on photo paper and then used up some more of my scraps. An any occasion card.

I've been really getting into the holiday cards for the fair. This is one using another vintage image. My daughter's love this one because of the cat, but I just thought it represented the innocence of the holidays....sometimes lost in all the hoopla. Again, I used scraps...I love the fact that card making uses all my paper scraps up. My office doesn't seem half as cluttered now, and my scraps bin is looking a little scarce...LOL. My husband likes the vintage look, and I think I agree with him. I have more cards that I'll post tomorrow.

My family is so supportive of my creativity. My sister asked me to make some gift tags for a friend of hers. She wanted them to look vintage with some sort of wine theme. I came up with these. I thought they came out nice. I added beads to the ties to add a little flair. She says she's going to use them whenever she gives someone a bottle of wine. Perfect!
Thanks for spending some time with me.

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